The Adventure of a Lifetime

Having a new addition to the family can be a bit stressful. There are so many different things that go through a new parents mind. All the worries about doing the right thing seem to weigh down new parents, especially the mother. But Dads, there are a few things that you can do to help out and to make the transition into parenthood easier.

Household Chores:



Having a baby will take up a lot of the free time that once was available. To help out the mother, you could start by doing the laundry. Keeping a fresh, clean burp rag handy at a moment’s notice helps out a lot. Also doing the laundry relieves stress from the mother who is probably still in some pain due to the birth. By doing this simple task, it will give the mom more time to be with the baby and save her from stooping, bending and lifting heavy loads from the washer to the dryer.



Loading the dishwasher and unloading it helps to keep clean bottles ready. Plus by doing the bottles after ever setting and refilling them with the formula will save mom and baby much frustration when it comes time for feeding. The baby will want to eat when the baby wants to eat and to have a decent supply ready and on hand helps to ease the stress of feeding time.

Nap Time:

Both the mom and the baby will need to sleep, for the mom to regain her strength and because for the first few months, sleeping and eating is what the baby does. After awhile, though, spending quality floor time will help the child to build the muscles needed to begin the crawling process. Dad’s this is the fun time and will help solidify your bond with the child.


While the mother has had nine months to feel that bond with the baby, Dad’s you will need to be a bit more creative. Dad’s you can also help with the feeding process. Get involved and create a schedule for feeding that both you and the mom can do. That way everyone is rested, and the stress levels are lower when the parents take turns with feeding time. This will help create a bond between you and the child as well as with the mother. Although most of the time the bonding takes place when the child is older and can play. But when the child is learning the basics of crawling, to see you there and support them will pay off.
There is a huge responsibility when it comes to caring for the child. They say it takes a village to raise a child and for the most part, there is just the two of you. Be patient with the baby and keep in mind how many days they that child has been on the planet. Put yourself in the child’s shoes and realize that they were warm and safe inside the mom for nine months then pulled out into a very scary world. Love the child and if needs be, put the child down in the crib and walk away when you need to. It is okay to let the child cry for a little while. Crying helps develop their lungs and believe it or not their strength. Remember that having a child is the most incredible adventure your life will ever know. Enjoy every minute and work as a team.